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All Bottle ID

Track Pouring Activity by Liquor Brand!
Simple! Affordable! Accountability! Control!

Utilizing state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) microchip technology, Berg All-Bottle Brand ID™ bottle top liquor dispensers and liquor controls operate like the All-Bottle™ ring pouring bottle top “price level” liquor dispensing systems, but track liquor pouring activity by each liquor brand!

  • Identifying every pour by brand, portion size, and price
  • Precise tracking of all pouring activity against total inventory, opened and unopened
  • Pouring consistent portions faster than with a traditional plastic liquor spout
  • Eliminating over pouring, reducing spillage and other losses
  • Tracking up to 800 brands – unlimited number of bottles – 4 liquor portion sizes per brand
  • Knowing at a glance when each liquor brand reaches its reorder point (reorder set points per brand)
  • Reassigning pourers at the pouring station – no sorting, no PC, fast & easy
  • Upgrading existing Berg liquor control systems to All-Bottle Brand ID liquor control system
  • And all of this in an easy to use, affordable liquor control system that typically pays for itself in 6 to 12 months!

Berg All-Bottle Brand ID ring pouring bottle top liquor control systems offers all of this and more!

The All-Bottle Brand ID liquor controls are designed for use with the state of the art Berg Infinity Network liquor control and management system.


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