Dry ice

Using Dry Ice to Remove Old Floor Tiles

Dry ice can do some nifty things – from helping your plants grow to acting as a mosquito repellent in your back yard. It can even help you tackle that … Continue Reading →

Family by the fireplace

Eight Ways to Use Propane in and around Your Home

If you only use clean, green propane gas for your weekend tailgating parties, you’re not taking full advantage of its amazing versatility. Propane can power just about any appliance inside … Continue Reading →


Winter’s Coming – Let Irish Propane Keep Construction Project Up and Running With Temporary Heating Solutions for Every Budget

It can happen any time now that we’re into November: a sudden cold snap comes in with little warning and you’re left wondering how to keep your construction materials protected … Continue Reading →

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Get Ready for the Big Game with Quality Propane Grills and Grill Accessories from Irish Propane

Tailgating season is in full swing, and we’ve got you covered with a great selection of Coleman propane grills and grill accessories at our Rochester location. Be sure to stop … Continue Reading →

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Fall Is Here – Time to Clean Your Beer Lines!

A build-up of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stones in your beer line can quickly degrade the quality of the draft you serve, resulting in foamy pours, off-tasting flavor, and … Continue Reading →

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Dry Ice Is IN THE HOUSE for Your Halloween Party or Display!

Dry ice is perfect way to liven up your Halloween – and we’ve got all you need in stock at our convenient store locations. Whether you want to make a … Continue Reading →

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Residential Propane Service From Irish Propane. A Story Of Value

Residential propane service from Irish Propane is nothing new.  In fact, we have provided this service in Buffalo, NY since the 1980’s.   First though, a little propane history. What is … Continue Reading →


Dry Ice Blasting Solutions from Irish Carbonic

Dry ice blasting systems provide a superior clean.  Designed with unrivaled innovation and unmatched performance, dry ice blasting systems let you clean better with less effort, increasing productivity and profit. … Continue Reading →


Support Local Family Business

Locally owned family businesses have been and continue to be the backbone of the American economy.  Why?  According to a report by sustainableconnections.org you are supporting yourself when you buy local.  Several studies … Continue Reading →


Irish University Will Be In Session Soon

What is Irish University, you ask?  Irish University is a concept developed as a quick customer reference resource of some of the most common service issues regarding bar equipment. A series … Continue Reading →