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Dispenser Network

The Berg Dispenser Network™ beverage and liquor management system and Berg Dispenser Manager™ bar management software is designed to interconnect all of the beverage and liquor dispensing systems and liquor control systems within a single bar, several bars, or smaller bar networks, along with the point of sales (POS) terminal and your computer system, into one easy to set up and use network.

With Berg Dispenser Network, you customize the specific network you need, using any combination of liquor controls and liquor monitoring systems, including All-Bottle™, Laser™, TAP2™ and Flow Monitor™.

Owners and managers of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, casinos, stadiums, theme parks and many other venues worldwide, count on the Berg Dispenser Network liquor management system and Berg Dispenser Manager liquor software for the liquor control, monitoring, and reporting they need to know what is happening at all times in their operations, make informed decisions, control costs and improve profitability!

Find out more about Why Liquor Control and Why Berg, and then contact a Berg representative today to learn more about setting up the right bar management system for your operation – and start saving!

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